Offshore sailing team Malizia Yacht Club de Monaco with skipper Boris Herrmann from Hamburg and team founder Pierre Casiraghi have joined the “Sports for Climate Action” initiative by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The initiative invites sport organisations to make their own contributions against climate change for a cleaner and safer planet and hence to accept the responsibility of the sports sector for climate neutrality. The Malizia Ocean Challenge campaign has already been collecting scientific data about the oceans’ CO2 concentration and has been sensitising school children for marine as well as climate protection. On board the IMOCA 60 yacht “Malizia”, Boris Herrmann will compete as first-ever German in the solo nonstop race around the world, the Vendée Globe, and in 2021/22 participate with a German-international mixed crew in The Ocean Race around the globe.


Through collective action and courageous leadership, sport has the power to change things quickly and sustainably”, says Herrmann. By signing the initiative, the team proves its commitment and plays its part so that the sport sector follows the path of a low-carbon future. This is done in accordance with the five principles anchored in the Framework Convention and the goals of the Paris Agreement:


  • Promoting greater environmental responsibility
  • Reducing overall climate impact
  • Educating for climate action by using the own platform to show possible ways of climate protection
  • Promoting sustainable and responsible consumption
  • Advocating for climate action through own communication channels


Team founder Pierre Casiraghi and Boris Herrmann agree: “We are proud to be part of this initiative as we are convinced that sport in general can raise awareness, and that the sailing sport in particular, has a great influence on fighting against climate change.” Team Malizia not only respects, but does already comply with these principles, and in fact has anchored them in its presentation and working procedures. Casiraghi: “Last year for instance, 4.500 children were engaged with our education program, which deals with climate change and the oceans.” Offshore sailing yacht “Malizia” has a special CO2 sensor installed on board in order to transmit to the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg and to the Helmholtz Centre for Oceanic Research in Kiel, GEOMAR, relevant scientific data, which help to better understand the relevance of the oceans’ carbon dioxide levels for the climate.


On the occasion of the launch event of the “Sports for Climate Action” initiative, UNFCCC Secretary-General Patricia Espinosa explained that sport organisations and athletes are in an exceptional position in the fight against climate change, “because sport affects a wide cross-section of society.”

Taking this into consideration, we hope that our commitment will strengthen the efforts of our supporters, our community and not least of our government, so as to limit global warming to 1,5 degrees”, says Boris Herrmann. “This is a race we can and must win in order to significantly reduce the risk of droughts, flooding, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.