Today, 30th July 2022 was BORIS HERRMANN and the team’s first day sailing on the new Malizia – Seaexplorer – His reaction when stepping back on land this evening was, “this boat is fantastic, what a relief, just perfect!” The relief and happiness of seeing the boat work so well is amazing, especially after so much energy went into it and also knowing we took some innovative but maybe risky decisions.  You never know until the boat sails and you get to feel the boat on the water, that’s the moment you know if all your decisions and choices worked. To have this validated is great and now we can start really testing this incredible machine.


Photo credit – (c) Antoine Auriol

Will Harris, co-skipper of Team Malizia commented: “Today was amazing, we went out with the goal of just seeing how the boat was and we ended up doing a top speed of 25 knots on day one. Everyone was super excited, with 10 people on board it was an amazing feeling. We had the designers VPLP and our project manager from Multiplast and many of the team who were involved in the build on board, plus our Ocean Race sailors. Being able to push the boat so hard so quickly and for everything to be going so well, it is an amazing feeling. There were no problems onboard and the boat feels really fast and I think everyones hearts are feeling pretty good right now after all this work to have a boat perform like this on day one. It is a really cool day, everyone is so excited right now and in a crazy cool mood. I can’t say anymore… we are all really happy!”

Rosalin Kuiper, co-skipper of Team Malizia commented: “Today went incredibly well, with top speeds of 25 knots, the boat went so well. It went amazingly! It was super intense, we were all super switched on. We didn’t know what was in front of us, the boat was awesome though, especially foiling a few times. There is a lot to tune but we are really happy!”

We will keep you posted on the coming days of sailing, but for now, it is safe to say all of Team Malizia are very happy!

Much more footage coming in the following days but you can click the image below to watch a little video from 4 hours ago:


(c) Team Malizia