Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe | 5 November 2022

The start of the 3542 miles Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe solo race across the Atlantic from Saint-Malo to Guadeloupe, which was due to be on Sunday at 01:02 pm local time has been postponed, because of the forecast for storms which would have hit the 138 boat fleet during the first hours of the course and particularly in the English Channel.

During the weather briefing at 10:30 on Saturday 5th November, the race directors announced to the 138 skippers their decision to postpone the start of the race in view of the weather situation expected in the Channel over the first 36 hours of the race. This decision was confirmed by the passage of a very violent low-pressure system, accompanied by very heavy seas, which blocked the route from the first night and left the sailors with no way out of the Channel.

Many sailors had expressed concern over the past 24 hours about the situation which they considered very serious. Boris described this decision as a “good decision”. The team will stay focused and ready while waiting for the organisers to find a next more favourable window for a new start on Tuesday November 8 or Wednesday November 9.

Watch Boris’ and Will’s first reaction after the announcement and their explanation regarding the weather situation: