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Malizia symbolises the Grimaldi family’s deep attachment to the sea in this tribute to Francesco Grimaldi, a Genovese who arrived by sea in 1297 and founded the Grimaldi family dynasty. He was nicknamed La Malizia in the Monegasque language, meaning “the wily one”. For the Monegasque skipper the name has a special meaning: “Given what Malizia represents for us in the Principality of Monaco, I’ve always wanted to give this name to a race boat.”

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A Symbol

The name Malizia, chosen by Pierre, symbolises the Grimaldi family history and their deep connection to the ocean. It translates as “the wily one’’ a name that was given to Francesco Grimaldi in 1297 after he established the family dynasty. Pierre shows that there is a sentimental link to the name and says: “Given what Malizia represents for us in the Principality of Monaco, I’ve always wanted to give this name to a race boat.”

A boat at the service of science & education

Malizia is embarking on an exciting adventure with the Ocean Challenge. Everyone has their own ocean challenge but our mission is to promote ocean science, protection and education around the world whilst inspiring the next generation with sailing adventures.

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12th for Malizia–Yacht Club de Monaco in the Transat Jacques Vabre

Dress rehearsal for the Vendée Globe 2020   Monday 11th November at 11:43:43 (French time), Malizia-Yacht Club de Monaco, helmed by Boris Herrmann and Will Harris crossed the finish in Salvador de Bahia…

Malizia II on the coffee route

Transat Jacques Vabre 2019   And they’re off! The 118 sailors in the 14th Transat Jacques Vabre set off at 1.15pm (French time) in light-medium airs for this double-hander transatlantic race…

Greta Thunberg arrives in New York after 14 days crossing the Atlantic aboard Malizia II

The racing sailboat Malizia II with Pierre Casiraghi, founder of Team Malizia and sailor Boris Herrmann, arrived today in the bay of New York with Greta Thunberg on board. After…

Greta Thunberg sets sail to New York on a zero-emission crossing aboard Malizia II

It was at 3.00pm (local time) from Plymouth in the south of England that the racing sailboat Malizia II, skippered by founder of Team Malizia Pierre Casiraghi and Boris Herrmann, set…


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