Our Ocean covers two-thirds of the Earth’s surface. It is a habitat, a transport route, an air conditioner, and an oxygen generator. And for Birte Lorenzen-Herrmann, our Ocean Educator, and Boris, our Team Skipper, the Ocean is something like home. Thanks to the many sailing races and regattas in which Boris has already participated, they know first-hand about the effects of climate change on our Ocean. The climate crisis is a race against time. Birte and Boris are working with our team to help us win this race.

From her wealth of experience, Birte, an experienced educator, has developed the educational programme My Ocean Challenge, with which we want to pass on to children not only the knowledge, but also the enthusiasm around sailing and the protection of the Ocean. This project has resulted in the children’s non-fiction book “My Ocean Challenge – Kurs auf Klimaschutz”.

The book, which will be published by cbj Verlag on the 14th of September 2022, conveys knowledge about the world’s Ocean and its influence on the climate in a child-friendly and well-founded way. Birte and Boris not only incorporate their own experiences into this children’s non-fiction book, but also expert knowledge, numerous illustrations by artist Lara Paulussen, photographs of their sailing trips and constructive approaches to solving the climate crisis.

The book premiere will take place on the 7th of September during the Malizia Ocean Festival (6th & 7th of September) in the Sandtorhafen in Hamburg. After a press conference, there will be a book signing with Birte and Boris at 1:00 pm. The book, which will be published in bookshops in mid-September, can already be bought exclusively during the festival. We hope you will enjoy the read!